Set up in 2019 by Stuart Giles, Clear pass' aim is to turn our students into SAFE, CONFIDENT and COMPETENT DRIVERS. Passing the driving test is just a by-product of this. We want you to feel fully prepared to drive on the roads, not just teach you to pass a test

Clear Pass School of Motoring has a dedicated goal to provide a safe, encouraging and inclusive environment; to get the best out of every student.

Stuart Giles MC is a highly decorated soldier who has served his country on many occasions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Northern Ireland. He was awarded the Military Cross for bravery by HRH Queen Elizabeth 2 in 2007.

He has vast experience running 3 PARA’s Driver Training Cell and has a very clear directive as to how training should be delivered. Learning happens best in a calm and friendly, non-discriminatory environment. After retiring from a full career in the army, Stuart has maintained his passion for training and fulfilled his ambition; setting up a School of Motoring where he can continue to share his skills and experience.

He always has made it very clear that he wants to turn students into safe, confident and competent drivers; not just people who can pass a test. It is for that reason, all students are taught how to change a wheel, check and top up all levels under the bonnet; not just those who can afford a ‘PassPlus’ course. Safety is everyone’s concern and fundamental to training safe drivers.

The brave men and women of our armed forces are very close to his heart and to that end he has set up a grant working with ‘Help for Heroes’. He is offering to take one Band of Brother or Sister or a dependant of such through their driving, from start to passing their test, free of charge every year. His aim is to build on this as the company grows. After being looked after for so long by the military, Stuart is keen to give something back and this partnership is close to his heart.